Frequently asked questions:

1. How long have you been photographing weddings?

We have been a photography team since 2013 and have shot numerous weddings since. We love documenting our couple’s love stories and the beginning of their journey as husband and wife.

2. Why do you offer a complimentary engagement session?

Regardless of the beautiful photos you will receive, an engagement session is really a trial run for your wedding. We have a particular style to create intimate and candid moments while getting to know you as a couple. As a result, you feel more comfortable being in front of the camera and more comfortable with us, which means more natural images. We are all about building relationships with you so that we become friends, which makes you so much more than just clients.

3.  Do you edit the photos?

Yes! All of the images you receive will be edited for color correctness and consistency.

4.  Can I edit the photos?

No, we retain the copyright to all images. The images you receive are for personal use, but to keep consistency in our photography style, we ask that you refrain from using Instagram filters, scanning digital images, downloading and printing from Facebook and other sources, screen shots, and any other manipulation (including editing) or changes to exposure (darker/brighter) that is not done by permission. If for any reason, you would like something edited further or changed to black and white, do not hesitate to ask us. All edits and retouching work is done by Juicebeats Photography to ensure that our light and airy style is represented as best as it can be.

5. Do I need a timeline?

Yes, a timeline will help you keep on track throughout the day, so moments or photos aren’t missed. Weddings can be somewhat unpredictable, and things will come up unexpectedly. We do our best to create a timeline that is easy to follow and has some wiggle room for unplanned events throughout the day. Typically, the timeline conversation happens about one month to two weeks from your wedding date, and we can easily make changes not only up to the day before but also the day of as needed.

6.  How many hours do i need at my wedding?

Typical hours of coverage are based on 6 or 8 hours. A 6 hour wedding is slightly condensed, but you will still have a full picture of the day with this coverage. For most 6 hour weddings, we begin with the bride getting into her dress, and the coverage ends during the reception. An 8 hour timeline will allow you to have more time for photos throughout the day, and it will also provide an opportunity for a bit more flexibility in the timeline. Elopement packages, typically ranging from 2-3 hours, are another option we offer. We'd love to chat with you about your specific needs,  and we can always suggest a package that will help you achieve your vision.

7.  When is the best time to schedule a photography session?

The best time is usually an hour or two before sunset or right around or after sunrise. On wedding days, we always try to schedule a sunset session after your ceremony since this is the best lighting for couple's photos.

8.  Do you work from a shot list/Pinterest board?

Pinterest is a great resource for ideas and inspiration for your wedding, but as far as shot lists go, we have our own style and brand, and we can be more creative and imaginative at your wedding without looking through a list of poses. Every wedding is different, and we will capture those special moments that unfold throughout the day. We do like to discuss your specific needs for family photos though. Always let us know if there is a must-have shot! 

9. Do you sell prints?

Yes, we do! Prints leave a legacy and we encourage everyone to print their photos. When you receive your gallery from us, you will be able to print your photos from the gallery, or you can download the full resolution to print elsewhere. We also offer albums and are happy to provide more information upon request.

10.  What makes you different from all the other photographers?

We like to build relationships with our couples and really get to know you at the beginning of the engagement,  throughout the wedding day, and even beyond. The friendships we've formed with our clients are the most valuable aspect of what we do. We also shoot film, which we believe makes our work timeless and unique.

11. Why should we hire you?

When searching for a photographer, there are several factors to consider: 1)Do you like their images and style, and what specifically do you like about their photos? 2)Do you like what they offer as part of their packages/collections? 3)Have you heard good things about them from a referral source or through reviews? 4) How does their pricing work in your budget? We consider ourselves fine art photographers, and we like to carefully curate timeless images. Rather than snapping away, we capture the meaningful and candid moments that truly make up your special day.  Through our experience and preparation, we help make your big day more relaxing and enjoyable.

12.  What are your prices and how do we book you for our wedding?

Each wedding is unique and has different circumstances. We know this, and try our best to accommodate. We do offer several packages that, in our opinion, meet the needs of most of our couples, but we can always try our best customize a package to meet your individual needs and budget. Click here to contact us!



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