Creepy Halloween Photoshoot

Hello friends. Juicebeats here.

This is a special blog because Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love being able to dress up in creative costumes and see how inventive others can be. This year, I wanted to do something a bit scary and creepy for Halloween. I decided to do this Halloween photoshoot and knew the perfect location--an abandoned house off Lovell Road. I invited a few friends to help me out on the shoot. Mario Urbina of Studio-M Photoz and I collaborated on this project, and Schylar Long helped out with makeup. We also had three amazing models-- Allison, Olivia, and Kristen-- who jumped at the chance to do something a little eerie. We met across the street from the house to get started on makeup, hair, and outfit choices. Meanwhile, Mario and I scoped out the site, checking the house for the best spots to shoot and also making sure the house was safe enough for us to walk through. Even though the house is in pretty bad shape, you can tell that it was really nice at one time.

The group that worked with me on this project couldn't have been any better. The models did an excellent job diving right into whatever we asked of them; whether we told them they would be on a dirty floor or walking on broken glass, they were game for anything. In addition, Schylar did an amazing job with the makeup and styling. She really has an exceptional talent and was a huge help on set with the models.

I was glad I got a chance to work with Mario as it's always cool to see another photographer's perspective on a project. It is refreshing to work with someone who has similar interests and is so creative and easy going. We worked well together, capturing different view points and covering every angle. This collaboration really made the project a success.

Enjoy this haunting and spooky Halloween shoot.

Halloween photoshoot view gallery here: with Mario Urbina of Studio-M, Schylar Long on Makeup, Allison, Olivia, and Kristen modeling. Juicebeats Productions