Architectural Photography

Hello friends. Juicebeats here.

Over the past year, I have been studying and learning so much about photography—the importance of great glass (lenses), composition, lighting, full frame vs. crop sensor, and many more essential elements to create great photography. I have also been learning the different types of photography, and while I consider myself a portrait photographer, I also dabble in other types of photography. I did some real estate photography this past weekend and learned some of the challenges that come along with this type of photography. The first thing I learned was that outside elements can really be distracting, so cleaning up the area beforehand is a must. Also, all rooms are different with interesting angles, so I had to try several different compositions before getting the best shot for each room. I now know I need to use a wide angle lens—16-35mm, 14-24mm, maybe even an 11mm—to get most of the room in the shot. A monopod or tripod ensured steady and level shots. Also, I tried to convey the flow of the house, so people can do a virtual "walk" through like they are actually in the house for a viewing. Here is one of my first projects for architectural / real estate photography.

Looking forward to more projects like this.