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When I was in 5th grade, an adult theater group came into our school to put on a play for the lower grades. The play was called Charlotte's Web, and I was asked out of everyone in the 5th grade to help with the play by staring as Wilbur. The reason I was asked was because there is a point in the play that Charlotte the spider asks Wilbur to do some athletic things, splits being one of them, and at the time, I could do a split. I had to put on a fuzzy pink outfit and do everything that the adults told me to do. I didn't have to recite any lines for this part. The woman who played Charlotte was really surprised when I did my split in front of everybody. I surprised her so much that she couldn't recite her lines after that. After the play was over, the theatre group thanked me and told me I did such a great job. This was one of my first experiences with acting. I have done numerous plays and voice overs and I've been behind the scene with the camera since then. I have even modeled clothing and tuxedos. My friend, Marc Curry, in comparison, has done numerous music videos, a TV show called Fatal Attraction, and several other ads and publications. We both have recently put our names in at Gage Talent Agency. Maybe you will see us in the next blockbuster...

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