Louis and Megan's Downtown Knoxville Engagement

We have known this couple forever, and we are thrilled to share these sweet engagement photos with the world. Megan and Louis are some of our best friends, and both were in our wedding, Louis serving as our best man. This shoot and couple are obviously super special to us. 

We met our friends at the Williams Creek Golf Course where we captured some cute action shots of the two playing golf, a favorite past time for the couple. We love that this course features beautiful scenery including a small pond and rolling hills that provided the backdrop for their photos. From there, we traveled to Market Square for some more urban shots amongst the always bustling park and along the shops and streets of the area. 

To say that we are excited to attend and photograph their wedding in the Dominican Republic next month is an understatement. After 11 years together and our many memories shared with Louis and Megan, we can't wait to see these two tie the knot! 

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