The Knoxville Photographers Behind the Lens

We believe in many things as a couple. Here are just a few things we stand firm on:

1. Family comes first.
2. Taco Tuesday is a must (even if it sometimes happens on Wednesday or Thursday instead).
3. The best way to relax together is to binge watch a great show.
4. Kids are hilarious, and our son keeps us laughing all the time while our daughter giggles and gets into everything,
5. We are blessed to have each other.
6. It's acceptable to put candy into pancakes (Butterfinger for me, Resee's for Jason, and M&Ms for Jaden and Aaliyah).
7. It's mandatory to burst into song randomly, and changing lyrics to fit the current situation is encouraged (Jaden, our son, sings his feelings all the time. La la la...we aren't supposed to be la la).
8. A perfectly clean house is not always a priority.
9. Pizza...this one doesn't need explaining.
10. Being outside can make everything better.

We also believe in capturing love, and one of our most important tasks as your photographers is to show who you are as a couple through our art. Photos are tangible memories, and we believe that you will value not only the images delivered by us but also the Juicebeats' experience that we provide as a seasoned husband and wife team. We believe that our relationship with you is important, and if you share the same sentiment, we'd love to be your photographers. Oh, and super importantly, we'll do The Wobble at your wedding.