Music Secrets


People have asked me the process for making a good music track. While there are many techniques in the music business, not one way is the correct way. Music can sound good to many different people, but it can also annoy or not sound so good to others. Certainly there is a fine line and it can go either way.

I know my music isn't for every one's taste or preference, but I also know that being in this business its all about finding your audience and targeting people who will follow. I try to put the best content I can together for people to listen.

Secret #1:  Do not get discouraged because people do not like what you put out there. As I said before, people have different tastes. Find your audience and target the ones who will actually listen and like your content.

Secret #2:  Keep not stop, keep trying no matter what. You might just catch a break. That one time that you do stop could be the time you could have been noticed.

Secret #3:  Develop your skills. Keep evolving. Music changes like babies change diapers, so you gotta keep up. 

Secret #4:  Get the right equipment/software. Pro Tools and Nuendo are studio standard, along with Logic, Cubase, Adobe Audition, etc. Need a Mic. A good condenser can give you great sound on certain instruments and vocals, and a good dynamic mic can produce amazing results. Get both!!! and do your research to find out which one will work best for what you are doing. Your going to need an interface or soundboard also. Usually if you have a studio at your house you will not need a soundboard unless you just want to be hands on and have the room for it. If you are on a budget, and need something smaller for your home studio, look for a brand known for making good mic pre's. I have a Motu Ultralite MKIII. but brands like RME, Universal Audio, Avid are all great too. You will probably need a Compressor and EQ also. Personally I think Universal Audio makes some of the very best, but for budgets I would pick up a presonus studio channel. You can pick one up for $299 and it will give you Tube sound with compression and EQ. You will also need plugins. Most of the top Digital Audio Workstations (DAWS) come with there own plugins, but if you can afford it pick up Waves and Universal Audio plugins you will not be disappointed. 

Secret #5:  Study. Learn the basics, but keep looking for information on new techniques and use them in your mixes. Trial and Error. You never know unless you try. I find many things online showing how people make music, so I try what they did. Sometimes it works out, and other times it doesn't sound very good. I have a very nice library of presets I use now after coming across them online doing research. Of course every mix is different so you still have to tweak, but having a good starting point is essential to taking your workload down a bit. 

I know this is kind of broad, but this is how I learned. No one is going to reveal everything to you. You still have to work for it. If you still want to learn more though. Leave a comment that you would like to learn more.