Video Production

Recently I have been producing some short films about travel and special events. I was finally able to get some of the equipment needed to produce these kind of films, and many of you have reached out to me to tell me how much you enjoyed them. I really appreciate the support for my passion. I wanted you all to know that I am offering this service to anyone who is interested in a short film such as these:

My email is

Video Production Techniques:

I am using the Sony NEX 5 system to film these events. These compact cameras pack a punch with their APS-C CMOS sensors. They are able to shoot in full 1080 HD. Here are the format specs below:

Sony NEX-5N Video Options

AVCHD Format (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 High Profile, .MTS files)


Frame Rate

Average Bit Rate

1,920 x 1,080
(16:9 aspect ratio)

NTSC: 60 fps (progressive)
PAL: 50 fps (progressive)

28 Mbps

NTSC: 60 fps (interlaced)
PAL: 50 fps (interlaced)

24 Mbps

17 Mbps

NTSC: 24 fps (progressive)
PAL: 25 fps (progressive)

24 Mbps

17 Mbps

MPEG-4 Format (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Main Profile, .MP4 files)

1,440 x 1,080
(16:9 aspect ratio)

NTSC: 30 fps (progressive)
PAL: 25 fps (progressive)

12 Mbps

640 x 480
(4:3 aspect ratio)

30 fps (progressive)

3 Mbps

I use several different techniques to get the video to look more like film when editing. I am currently using Premiere Pro for editing because the I think the workflow is much faster and it can be used with After Effects and Photoshop easier than other programs. After cutting the clips, color correcting, and putting them together on the timeline, I will render out the video to its full length so I can work with the full file when color grading and adding my film effects. Using a new sequence, i will use neat video to de-noise the video and get a cleaner look, then add gorilla grain to get that film grain look. Also will do some color grading to set the overall mood for the film. Once I have all my film grading done, I will check for anything that may need to be changed or see if anything will need to be added. This is just an example of my workflow. It could vary from project to project, but its a basic sample of what I do before I render out the finished product.

Leave questions or comments. Let me know your workflow on your video projects.