Wedding Photography

Some of you already know that I have recently added photography as a part of my production company.  I have always had an interest in photography, but never had the tools and the time work on it. There is so much beauty that a picture can bring. The old saying, A picture is worth a 1000 words, is still very true. I enjoy the geometry, the science, and the artistic elements that go along with making a great photo. When I bought the Sony NEX 5, I didn't understand a bit about it and just knew from doing research on the computer that it was a good camera. If you are or were like me, when buying a camera we looked strictly at megapixels. Which camera has the highest? A professional photographer or even someone that knows a bit about photography will tell you that its not always the case. The sensor comes into play, the lens, shutter speeds, flash, etc. Over the past few months I have been learning these things and how they all work together to create a great shot. I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I think maybe one day I could be in a sense. 


Last night I was able to practice a bit on some of my new learned photography skills at a wedding rehearsal. At first I was a bit shy in taking photos of some of the people I barely knew, mainly because I wasn't a hired photographer, but I knew that I needed to practice my skills and this would be a good test. I shot something like 200-300 pictures some bad some good. As I was taking pictures one of the brides relatives noticed what I was doing and we had a chat. He said that he did professional photography and he gave me a few pointers. If you know anything about lenses, I was using a 18-55mm lens last night to shoot pictures. He told me that for wedding photography you may need to use a bigger lens 55-210mm or 75-300mm. I asked, "Why?" He responded saying that the smaller lens will get you great wide shots with lots of surrounding room, but for wedding photography you really may want some tight close shots which is why you would use a bigger lens. I thought, wow that makes great sense. Most of the time when I see wedding photographers shooting they usually have a bigger lens on their cameras. It's great to know why now. The wedding is tonight, so I will definitely be bringing my bigger lens to take shots this time. Here is just a preview of last nights shots I took:

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