What an Incredible Weekend

Hello friends. Juicebeats here.

I wanted to give you some updates on what went on this past weekend. First, Friday night after work we went over to my in-laws house to see Jaden's Nana and Pops, aunt and uncle, and cousin. We ate hot dogs and hamburgers and played card games. This has become our Friday night ritual lately since having Jaden.

Nana and Jaden

Nana, Auntie Leah, and Jaden

The games get a little long when we start trying to play with Jaden instead of paying attention to the game.


It's been a crazy 6 weeks so far. Seems like he is growing so fast. We have been so blessed to have everyone wish us well, and we've had some friends and family come to visit Jaden for a little while.

Judi and Jaden

Nora, Judi, and Jaden

Saturday was a fun day too. We had a celebration dinner for one of my best friends, Daniel Wohl. His 30th Birthday was actually on Sunday, but we celebrated Saturday with huge slabs of filet and some awesome food. Daniel and a few others decided they would see if they could still climb the climbing wall with planks too. Daniel actually did very well and made it 3/4 the way up. Check out the gallery of pictures below.

D-Wohl on the Grill

Sunday morning I had another art photography session where I converted Maria Walker's paintings into digital copies. Check out her paintings and contact me below in the comments or send an email to let me know if you would like to purchase any of her art. 

Maria Walker Art

Maria Walker Art

Maria Walker Art

Coincidentally, Daniel's birthday also falls on our anniversary which we celebrated on Sunday. We spent the day hanging out with Jaden napping, and taking our first walk as a family around the neighborhood.

Jaden's First Walk

Staci and I had our first date night since Jaden was born at the Melting Pot in downtown Knoxville. We ate a 4 course meal consisting of cheese fondue, caesar salads, land and sea entries, and a dark chocolate marshmallow and Oreo fondue for dessert. We finished the night by also taking a bite of our wedding cake.

1st Anniversary

Wedding Cupcake

All in all, it was a great weekend of celebrations and time spent with family and friends.


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