Sweet 16 Photo Session with Cami

Hello friends and photography lovers.

Juicebeats here, and yesterday I had the pleasure of working with a beautiful soon to be 16 year old Cami. Our photo session was at the Springbrook park in Alcoa, Tennessee. Cami wore an off white dress with a jean jacket and cowboy boots. Megan Kiphart assisted me on the shoot. Cami was a bit shy in the beginning of the session, so I had to do something to make her a feel a bit more comfortable. Hmm...Why not wear the tiara I brought for her to wear in some the pictures?

That got some great smiles out of her.

Cami under the tree

Springbrook Park is wide open but has some visually interesting spots for photography. There is a part in the park with a bamboo forest.

Cami in the Bamboo forest

The park also features a fountain, duck pond, and lots of trees and shaded areas.

Cami by the Fountain

Cami liked those parts, but I think her favorite part was when she got to blow sweet 16 confetti at me. She got a real kick out of doing that and even threw some at me too.

Cami blowing sweet 16 confetti

Here comes the confetti

I loved working with Cami, and it was great to see her feel more comfortable as the photo session went on; this made for some great candid moments. We had a lot of fun in the park. Enjoy these photos for Cami's sweet sixteen.



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